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White Mantle Family 9 Personalised Christmas Ornament

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Free Gift Bag
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The Personalised White Mantle ornament for a family of 9 is a great personalised Christmas gift that the whole family will enjoy each year it is hung. A complimentary gift bag is included with each ornament. The Ornaments are made from ceramic resin and are personalised by hand using a special ornament pen. The ornament size is  3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ inches (approx).

The White Mantle Family personalised Christmas ornament is available for families with two and up to nine members. Start your new Christmas keepsake tradition with the White Mantle Family

These lovely little ornaments make great keepsakes to mark special occasions in your life. Equally they make great gifts and people really love the personal touch.

This White Mantle Family series starts with two red glittered stockings with a white gloss cuff, is positioned to the bottom of the ornament, above these there is a garland of holly and glittered red berries. You have the white mantle  above the garland. This space is where you would put the banner text examples are ” 1st Christmas together”, “Our 1st Christmas Married” or for larger numbers in the series you could use “The Walton Family” or “Nannies Gang”

As we move up through the series an extra stocking gets added, when we get between 5 and 6 stockings a 2nd and 3rd row is added to fit the stockings. The names for each family member gets added to the white cuff of the stocking. The year will be placed in the white mantle area depending on request.

This is ornament family series is highly recommended for small and large families and for Grandchildren. Equally you can easily include your pets into the mix if you wish, there as much a part of the family as you are.