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Shovel Family 3 Personalised Christmas Ornament

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The Personalised Shovel Family ornament for a family of 3 is a great personalised Christmas gift that the whole family will enjoy each year it is hung. A complimentary gift bag is included with each ornament. The Ornaments are made from ceramic resin and are personalised by hand using a special ornament pen. The ornament size is  2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ inches (approx).

The Shovel Family personalised Christmas ornament is available for families with two and up to eight members. Start your new Christmas keepsake tradition with the Shovel Family

These lovely little ornaments make great keepsakes to mark special occasions in your life. Equally they make great gifts and people really love the personal touch.

This Shovel Family series starts with two adults the 1st wearing a green jumper with a green hat and white trim and the 2nd wearing a white jumper, red and white stripped scarf and a red hat with with white trim. These adults are unisex so can be used in any combination. However in the case of male and female selection we place the male on the left and the female on the right because this is the most popular selection.

In this ornament range as we go up in number the characters change to children so for example the family of 3 choice will be 2 adults + 1 child and the family of 7 will be 2 adults + 5 children. The children go either between or to the side of the adults as we go up in sequence. Please refer to picture to see exact locations.

The Children in shovel family series are all wearing red jumpers and red hats with with white trim. They are all generic so there is no male or females.

The names for each family member will go on the white trim of the hats and the banner text will go on the shovel. *** If there is not enough space to include the year on the shovel it will be added to the white jumper or to the red jumper of the child to the furthest right***

This ornament family series is highly recommended for small and large families and for Grandchildren.

The Shovel Family ranks in our Top 3 for our Family Category and remains a popular choice year after year.